water fun!

Easiest toddler activity, ever. Water + water holding container + paintbrush = hours of fun.

You’ll probably need sunscreen, too. It’s hot out there!

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things that stick with you.

I went to Indiana a few weeks ago to visit my parents and family. (Longest drive ever by yourself with a 2 year old and a nursing 8 month old in tow. Like, 13 hours with kids long. I must be crazy). I visited with my 86 year old Grandpa while in town. He’s still very self sufficient. He makes himself breakfast every day, attends mass, visits with old friends at his favorite watering hole. He doesn’t drive much. My dad’s four sisters take him where he needs to go. He watches baseball (the Yankees are his beloved) on a daily basis. He has had some health issues, but not many for a man his age. The house he lives in has been his home for 50 years. It housed a rambunctious crew of 7 children. All sharing one bathroom with no shower, mind you. My grandmother’s things are still scattered throughout. Cat figurines, ashtrays, perfume bottles in their bedroom. She’s been gone 6 years. It would be odd for her things to not be there. He doesn’t seem unhappy. Tired and a bit lonely, more than anything. There are so many little things that I love about that house.
This window is at the top of the staircase. When I was a little girl, I would put this curtain over my head and pretend it was veil. It’s such a distinct memory.

My grandmother loved cats. They always had one. A quote from my Grandpa, “People always think I don’t like cats. That’s not true. Hell, we had a hundred of them!”

There’s a picture above the one I cut off, as well. My dad is second from the bottom. He was a bit of a shit.

These are all things that stick with me when I have to leave Indiana.
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a walk in color

Same walk, different film. Walgreen’s brand to be exact. And? So far, I love it. I haven’t shot more than a few rolls yet, but so far it’s been surprisingly colorful in a way I enjoy.

Look at this cute little pond. It’s like a little fairy pool!

There are some seriously large houses that run along the perimeter of the woods.

Obligatory cute child photo

In conclusion, I obviously need to learn to shoot more vertically and Walgreen’s film is my new best friend.

film::walgreen’s 400

a walk in black and white

I’ve been exploring different parks since we moved to this area in January. Parks keep my sweet girl sane, which keeps me sane. We went on a walk in the most beautiful wooded area. There’s also a new nature center with nice bathrooms. I keep a list in my brain of places with nice bathrooms. I’ve had Coral run out of the stall and leave me with the door wide open in a park bathroom (It had old wood doors that didn’t latch. Bummer, since the playground is fenced in). This list is clearly out of necessity.

The trees were huge and everything was so still. The shade was a welcome change with our increasingly hot and humid days.

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embrace the camera

This is my first time joining up with Embrace the Camera! I adore the idea behind this. I love taking pictures but rarely take the time to document myself during this time in my life with my sweet babies and husband.

Now, this photo? Me and my mom. She took me out for a movie and margarita for Mother’s Day. My dad watched the 2 year old and 7 month old. He deserves a medal. He even put the baby to bed. When my mom initially asked him to watch the kids he hesitated, then said “I need to man up” and agreed. That still cracks me up. I’m so grateful that he was willing to do it for me.

Movie theater bathroom mirror. Classy, no?

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We tried a new-to-us burger place. It’s call The Burger Joint. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a Thin Mint shake. And the Greek burger. I went with a basic cheeseburger. Still tasty. They had some really fun decor.

They had these really great lights. It could definitely be a DIY project.

The walls had blown up photos of album covers.



A baby that wants a cheeseburger!

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