a walk in color

Same walk, different film. Walgreen’s brand to be exact. And? So far, I love it. I haven’t shot more than a few rolls yet, but so far it’s been surprisingly colorful in a way I enjoy.

Look at this cute little pond. It’s like a little fairy pool!

There are some seriously large houses that run along the perimeter of the woods.

Obligatory cute child photo

In conclusion, I obviously need to learn to shoot more vertically and Walgreen’s film is my new best friend.

film::walgreen’s 400


One thought on “a walk in color

  1. Love this Walgreen’s film, and much easier on the pocketbook, no?

    Your daughter is adorable – love your capture of her here.

    And I totally agree with your comment on my blog – the Portra definitely seems to have more contrast than the nc. I think they both have their place, but I’m trying to get used to the new film. I have a couple of rolls of nc left, and I will guard them, because I love that “creaminess”!

    Love your space here.

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