embrace the camera

I need to figure out how to use the self timer on this camera. I took this in one of those mirrors they have on playgrounds. My hands make me laugh in this photo. They look huge! Like that episode of Seinfeld, the lady with man hands.

Timmy says hi!

film::kodak bw400cn


a walk in black and white

I’ve been exploring different parks since we moved to this area in January. Parks keep my sweet girl sane, which keeps me sane. We went on a walk in the most beautiful wooded area. There’s also a new nature center with nice bathrooms. I keep a list in my brain of places with nice bathrooms. I’ve had Coral run out of the stall and leave me with the door wide open in a park bathroom (It had old wood doors that didn’t latch. Bummer, since the playground is fenced in). This list is clearly out of necessity.

The trees were huge and everything was so still. The shade was a welcome change with our increasingly hot and humid days.

film::kodak bw400cn

embrace the camera

This is my first time joining up with Embrace the Camera! I adore the idea behind this. I love taking pictures but rarely take the time to document myself during this time in my life with my sweet babies and husband.

Now, this photo? Me and my mom. She took me out for a movie and margarita for Mother’s Day. My dad watched the 2 year old and 7 month old. He deserves a medal. He even put the baby to bed. When my mom initially asked him to watch the kids he hesitated, then said “I need to man up” and agreed. That still cracks me up. I’m so grateful that he was willing to do it for me.

Movie theater bathroom mirror. Classy, no?

kodak porta 400